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Brilliant Uncirculated Peace Silver Dollar (Dates Of Our Choice)

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Brilliant Uncirculated Peace Silver Dollar (Dates Of Our Choice)

Peace Silver Dollars present a great opportunity to acquire silver at a reduced price now that silver has pulled back to a fraction of the all-time high.

In 1921 Eight prominent artists (Victor D. Brenner, Hermon MacNeil, Chester Beach, Henry Hering, Robert Aitken, Robert Tait McKenzie, John Flanagan, and Anthony de Francisci) were asked to participate in a design contest to create a new silver dollar coin. The contest stipulated that the drawings had to be submitted within a very short time. In fact the winning set (for obverse and reverse) was announced on December 19. De Francisci was judged a clear winner (President Harding had personally approved the drawings) and was asked to submit plaster models as soon as possible. De Francisci's obverse, also hurriedly done, is loosely based on the Saint-Gaudens' head for the gold eagle of 1907 and certain other works by the same artist.

The direct inspiration was de Francisci's wife, the former Teresa Cafarelli, who served as the model. Both obverse and reverse were artistic masterpieces well worthy of a World Power.
The Peace Dollar has come to represent the spirit of the post WW I peace movement. After the war there was a period of great hope that all future wars might be avoided. Peace Dollars were issued without Congressional approval as a provision under the Pittman Act, which referred to the production of bullion coins with no specific design. Much of the silver used for this dollar came from the reclaimed silver of melted Morgan Dollars. Peace Dollars were produced for general circulation from 1921 to 1935 in the main Mint in Philadelphia and at the two branch Mints of Denver and San Francisco. Each Peace Dollars contains over ¾ ounces of pure silver.

Great Reason To Buy!

Silver is today's 'high tech' metal and is an important component in the fields of medicine, electronics, green energy and more. It is also a key investment metal along with gold and platinum and as the demand for industrial silver continues to rise the interest in older silver coins will remain strong.