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Own This 100 Year Old Gold ½ Eagle At Close to Bullion Value, Before they are Completely Sold Out!

The $5 Gold Liberty is the longest running Gold Coin Series in history.
Minted from 1839 to 1908, it was the most circulated US gold coin during the 19th century, featuring the classic likeness of Miss Liberty on obverse, and a majestic Eagle with spread wings on the reverse (known as the Gobrecht Design).

Reasons why you should own this coin:

  • Wealth accumulation at a low premium.

  • The $5 Gold ½ Eagle was struck with the new "Liberty" design, replacing the short lived "Classic" Turban Head Type. The $5 gold coin was so well received that the mint continued production of this coin for 69 years. 

  • Each $5 Liberty coin contains 8.35 grams of .900 fine gold with a pure gold content of .24187 troy ounces. The Gold Act of 1933 effectively removed all gold coins from circulation, including all of the Five Dollar Liberties. This recall occurred many years after the production of gold Liberties had ended. All US citizens and banks were required to turn in any gold coins on hand. Once the coins were turned into the US government they were melted down and recycled into gold bars.

  • There is no IRS paperwork to be filed with $5 Liberty Gold coins. All foreign bullion coins and bars require the completion of form 1099 when sold back in quantities exceeding 25 troy ounces. The $5 Gold Liberty coins do not require any government paperwork, period!
    Secure a Piece of American History

    Due to the huge response from all of the "BUY" ads appearing for silver and gold, we were able to get hold of several hundred of the scarce $5 Liberty Gold coins in Extremely Fine or Better condition. These coins boldly show the remarkable features of the Gobrecht design and still retain much of the original detail and brightness. The large scale liquidations by the public can now become your opportunity to buy low.

    The $5 Gold Liberty is an outstanding gold investment from an era when gold was the only money you could trust.

  • Prices are subject to change due to market fluctuations without notice. See other gold coins on out main Website